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Ayanga wearing Tran Hung at GQ 2021

Ayanga wearing Tran Hung at GQ 2021


01:00:00 14 tháng 5, 2021

Ayanga captured the hearts of fans in Tran Hung's elegant suit.

At the GQ Sea Speedway x Vanity Fair 2021 event, musical actor Ayanga wore an elegant suit of Tran Hung to appear on the stage of the event as a guest singer. Ayanga performed two songs: "Les rois du monde" and "Love Island".
In Tran Hung's design, Ayanga is praised as extremely elegant and attractive, the details attached to the suit create a very special effect when he moves and performs on stage.
Ayanga is a Chinese musical actor of Mongolian descent. In the musical field, Ayanga is a familiar face, he is always chosen to play the lead role in the musicals he participates in.

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