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Tran Hung collaborates with TikTok in a new collection

Tran Hung collaborates with TikTok in a new collection

07:00:00 24 tháng 12, 2020

Designer Tran Hung launches the Pre-Fall 2021 collection - "Musée d'Art" with a delicate combination of fashion and technology, conveying images through TikTok.

Because of the global pandemic, the fashion world has become more sensitive to integrating technology into activities. Designer Tran Hung is no exception to this trend. His Musée d'Art collection carries a contemporary breath, subtly combining art and technology, and conveys it to life on the TikTok video platform with 9 angles to create a sense of authenticity. Following the trend of sustainable fashion, 41 designs in this collection by designer Tran Hung still use a variety of recycled materials and high-quality fabrics such as taffeta, organza, chiffon, velvet.. . with a strong, attractive figure.
The Musée d'Art collection represents contemporary through its touchdown with today's most popular TikTok video platform. With 9 close-up and overall angles, each design on the catwalk is vividly transmitted through the screen of mobile devices, helping fashion lovers have the most authentic feeling when watching the entire show.
Through this collection, designer Tran Hung also wants to bring a new message: From the art museum of relaxing paintings, the art of "playing color" with improvised paint streaks on the costumes, to the way New approaches to the audience through livestream on TikTok Live Vietnam channel of the TikTok video platform are all passionate about innovating the fashionista's mindset to enjoy fashion.

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